About Us


It is not known exactly when New Grove Baptist Church was started.  There are several stories about when and where it was organized.  The story that seems to be correct is that the Church first met in 1888 in a long building about one half mile Southeast of the present church site. 


New Grove Baptist Church stands firm on the Bible and believes it to be the true Word of God.


If you are looking for a church family, we believe you will find New Grove to be very friendly.  We enjoy our time each week with each other as we fellowship and worship together.


New Grove has always had a heart for missions and continues to grow in this ministry. The past few years God has given the opportunity, through teams and individuals, to share the gospel in areas outside our local area.  We have been blessed to minister in areas such as Kentucky, Mississippi and the western part of Tennessee, Quatamala, Honduras, Haiti, Mexico, Uganda, Belize, and Africa.  We pray that God continues to use us in this type ministry.


We have a very active Sunday School  with a class for everyone.  Our Classes consist of: Nursery, Preschool, Younger Children, Older Children, Youth, Young Adults, Semi-Adults, Adult Men,  and Adult Ladies.


We also have classes for our children and youth on Wednesday nights along with Bible Study for the adults.